New Self-Coaching Tools: Free Exercise

If you’re done with feeling flat, this free exercise will Snap You Out Of It.

New Self-Coaching Tools: Free Exercise

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If you're done with feeling flat, this exercise will snap you out of it

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Sound Like You?

Your work has become really stale these last 3-6 months. And you think you’ve tried everything. 

To add to it all, your husband needs to pull their finger out and actually make some effort too. 

You’ve reached the end of your tether and are tempted to give up on it all.

But you don’t want to.

You know your marriage has potential. 

And if your boss showed more interest, they’d see the value you bring.

Everything could be so much easier if people tried a bit too. 

In other words, you’re done with always being the one that does it all.

Picture This For A Second,

Your boss calls a Zoom meeting, takes a deep look at your projects and then works with you to create a plan for you to share your initiatives with the rest of the team. 

You thought things couldn’t get better but then your husband sits you down, actually owns up to their part to play in your relationship getting stale, and arranges a date night to watch your favourite band who are playing around the corner. 

You finally feel that everyone gets you and you’re not carrying the load on your own. 

You’re back to your usual self. 

Filling up your life and planning for the future. 

To get your boss to get behind you, you need to think of new tactics you haven’t tried yet.

To get your partner to accept responsibility, you need to enable them to feel comfortable to do so. 

To get back to your usual self and start planning for the future, you need to stop feeling so deflated.

Which is exactly what I’m going to help you with.