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About Your Coach and My Programme

Hi, I’m Ashleigh. 

We have a lot in common; we are 100%-ers. 

We give everything we have to everything we do and we deserve to enjoy our life more.

I’ll teach you how.


I Relished Being A 100%-er. I Loved Having All The Answers, Being The Do-er, The Motivator, The Strong One.

I had a high standards for myself and could never take it slow. I watched as friends ignored their messy houses to relax but I could never do that; that would mean I was lazy. I loved being organised and having a full life, but I also wished I could let things go and for people to appreciate me more. 

Prioritising myself above others felt selfish, even though intellectually, I knew it was needed. I was proud to be a 100%-er; anything less was inauthentic, but I could see my expectations were affecting my happiness and something needed to change.

When I found Richard, my coach on the Executive MBA, everything changed. I became a better wife, a better friend, a better worker and I enjoyed my life more.

Over seven years, I studied my mind and developed tools that are perfect for my personality: a 100%-er. These skills enhanced my life in every possible way and now I’ve made the significant investment in training to provide them to you too.

100%-er, This Will Sound Familiar,

Now I Enjoy My Life Even More Than Before,

I’m comfortable to let go of control so I can focus on more important things, whilst still having high standards. In my work and at home, ask for what I want in a way that feels good, so things are fair and so I am appreciated for my efforts. 

Making myself a priority without feeling selfish continues to have a positive influence on all my relationships. I’ve learned how to communicate with impact and respect, even in the most challenging situations, because I’ve stopped reacting in the moment. I enjoy my life so much more; I allow myself to do the things I love and relax without feeling guilty so I can show up as the best version of me. 

Now I’d love to give these tools to you too because you deserve to enjoy your life even more as a 100%-er. 

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What you'll learn during the Programme,

A new way of navigating your feelings so you can become someone whose communication is impactful, even in the most challenging situations.

How to stop distracting yourself with work so you can do things you love and still get everything done. 

How to be less frustrated by people around you by learning tools that you can apply to any relationship.

How to ask for what you deserve in a way that feels fair and is acknowledged.

Understand your 100%-er brain and how to use it to serve your lifestyle.

When you understand your brain, you can Enjoy Your Life More.

My programme is for women who always give 100% and are ready to enjoy their life even more.

It uses new and different self-development tools and training that are designed for women like you. You will learn how to understand and manage your mind so you can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to create.

The steps are simple to learn but will require you to be brave and committed to go all in on yourself.

You will be blown away by the fastest transformation you’ll ever make. Are you ready to give your 100% to yourself?

Click the button below to apply for free private training so you can learn everything you need to know about my programme and enrol when you’re ready.

Here's How It Works.

My programme is 8 weeks long so it’s compact and fast paced for you to achieve quick results. 

When you enrol, you’ll get instant access to the programme materials so you can start implementing tools in your life immediately. This alone can be life changing. 

Weekly bite-sized training videos are convenient and online so you can schedule your learning in a way that works best for you. 

You’ll have access to eight 60-minute private coaching calls, which are the most valuable aspect of the programme; this is where you see your biggest transformation. The Zoom calls will be arranged in advance to suit your busy schedule, no matter what time zone you’re in.


Words From Clients

Whatever it takes, you know you can trust her. Ashleigh will support you with her tools and insights all the way
Anne Vasseur
February 2022
I just wanted to say thank you for your time and wise words. It was really helpful!
February 2022
I genuinely feel like you've changed my life. I've had coaching before but nothing like this. It's like you know me inside out. I can't thank you enough for everything
November 2021
“Ashleigh has helped me get the perspective I needed to navigate through a family relationship issue. She is passionate about helping you get the results you want to achieve; you can truly feel this. She will cheer you up and stretch you out of your comfort zone a joyful way ... until you arrive at the finish line".
Eleanore Vasseur
October 2021
Ashleigh was so helpful, welcoming and professional. I could not have asked for a better guide or coach to assist me. She was open, non-judgemental, and she made what could have been a challenging experience very simple and even fun. I was having some specific issues with my husband and she was able to identify and pinpoint the exact issue with laser focus and walk me through how to approach it and get complete resolution which is what I wanted and came to her for. She did the same in providing me clarity on my business and exactly how I could move forward to achieve the goals I wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants a laser focused coach and mentor and friend at their side to help them get clarity and solve any issues they're having in their lives.
Liz Rook
October 2021
Ash is amazing! She is so easy to talk to and open up to; she helps you see things from another perspective.
March 2022
Thanks so much. I genuinely feel better after talking to you. Hero!
March 2022
It was really helpful! I wasn’t sure at first because I’m not big on talking about things… but she got me thinking about things in a way I hadn’t thought about before.. I’m so glad I did it!
March 2022

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