It's so exciting that You want to Get Back Your Spark.

If you’re ready to stop questioning yourself and have back your spark, this programme is for you. 

You’re going to learn so much about yourself that you’ll love who you are; every part of you. No more negative self talk, this is about self-compassion and strength. 

It’s time to start prioritising yourself, without feeling guilty or selfish, so you can show up as a version of you that you love.

You’ll have clarity on what is your work, what’s other people’s, and you’ll own your responsibilities. I’ll help you all the way.

You’ll know where you’re going and be ready to move forward because you’ll have your spark back. 

Whatever happens, I know you’ll get so much from this programme. Doing this work will give you mental health tools you can use in any situation. 

Excited? I am.

This 6 week programme is a mixture of coaching, teaching and home work. You can do as much or as little as you want, but I recommend you go all in. Give yourself this opportunity for you and enjoy it.

The price is £360 which will be taken by direct debit via your GoCardless link one week before the first session, so there is nothing you need to do except book your 6 sessions below.

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