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Press Reset

Three Month Transformation with New Self-Coaching Tools

There is nothing wrong with you, you just need a quick reset. 

Press Reset

The Most Effective Coaching Programme For 100%-ers

Do you wish you could press reset in your life and redecide what you want? You can. You should.

Press Reset

Three Month Transformation with New Self-Coaching Tools

There is nothing wrong with you. 

You just need a quick reset.


100%-er, This Will Sound Familiar,

This Is The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do.

As a 100%-er, you give your all to everyone: your spouse, your friends, your work. 

You always over-deliver. 

You deserve more. 

And you can get it.

All you need is a quick reset.

Time to focus on just you, learn new skills to manage your mind, better your relationships and decide what you want for your future.

What you'll learn during the Programme:

Understand the brain and how to use it to it’s full potential.

What you want and how to achieve it in clear, actionable steps

How to be less frustrated by people around you by learning tools that you can apply to any relationship.

How to get what you want in a way that’s fair and respected

How to coach yourself using the self-coaching model

When you understand your brain Your Life is Better.

Self-development books are just the beginning. 

Your brain is unique. Learn to use it to it’s full potential.

I will teach you new and different coaching tools that you’ll use forever to improve your mindset, your relationships and better your future.

The steps are simple to learn but will require you to be committed to go all in on yourself.

Ready to be blown away by the fastest transformation you’ll ever make?

Start by booking a free private mini session with me. You’ll experience coaching with me for free so you can decide whether you want to work together. If you do, I’ll send you a booking form for you to enrol when you’re ready.

Your Access To The Study Vault,

Hours of life changing information are waiting for you inside the Press Reset Study Vault. 

New and different self-development tools will excite you when studying Your Mind, Your Relationships and Your Future.

Whether you’re a reader, a doer, or want to watch a video with a coffee, you can design the programme in the best way for you.

Within Two Months of Coaching, I received the Pay Rise and Promotion I had Been Chasing for Two Years...

I started coaching because I was really stuck in a rut. I had been working at a senior level for quite some time without having the recognition or the salary I deserved. 

The only hesitation I had about coaching was the cost- could I afford it?

It turned out I didn’t need to worry. At all. Within a couple of months of coaching with Ashleigh, I had the pay rise and promotion I had been chasing for over two years.

Since working with Ashleigh, the impact has been huge. 

I’ve already mentioned I had the salary and promotion I wanted for years but also I’m looking at a completely different future. 

I have achieved some amazing things in my personal and professional life and I now have the confidence and self-belief to achieve anything I want. I own my future. 

Coaching has been an absolute game changer for me.

Here's How It Works,

It’s twelve weeks long so get you quick results.

In the Study Vault there are hours of life changing information waiting for you to study Your Mind, Your Relationships and Your Future. 

This alone can be life changing. 

Everything is online so you can schedule your learning in a way that works best for you. 

You’ll have access to twelve 60-minute private coaching calls, which are the most valuable aspect of the programme.

The Zoom calls will be arranged in advance to suit your busy schedule, no matter what time zone you’re in.  

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Words From Clients

When we spoke in the Mini Session I didn’t think I needed “fixing” so was on the fence about needing a Life Coach. Wow what a decision it was to work with you. In weeks I have improved literally every aspect of my life. I'm a better father, husband, more motivated in work & even signed up to do a degree or MBA. Something I’ve “buffered” for years. I’m fully aware of my priorities in life and have the confidence to react intentionally to anything that comes my way. Myself and my family are happier now than we probably ever have been as a result of what you have taught me. Thank you!
Steve Brown
August 2022
I just wanted to say that this week I booked myself onto a yoga teacher training course in Greece for the summer. I feel so happy because people have said they're proud of me. I know some people wouldn't think it's a big deal but to me, it's massive and I feel like I can do anything. I always find myself coming back to our conversations and know this is exactly the step I need to take to get to where I want to be.
June 2022
I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Ashleigh. we had a laugh and I felt totally at ease, even when talking about personal things to me. I have the confidence to tick things off my bucket list now instead of waiting for the "right time". I'm excited about my future; I know what I want and that I can achieve it.
Dario Deabreu
January 2022
I can honestly say that Ashleigh’s transformed how I see myself and given me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could achieve. When we met, I was at a cross-roads in my career, feeling anxious and lacking the courage to move in a new direction. Just weeks later, I’m applying for jobs in a completely new area and am excited for the future.
Katherine Penry
July 2022
Whatever it takes, you know you can trust her. Ashleigh will support you with her tools and insights all the way
Anne Vasseur
February 2022
Thanks so much for the coaching Ashleigh. That was amazing. The mental fog around the issues we discussed that are holding back both me and my business has really cleared. I've already started planning how I can use the latest development project more positively which will make a huge difference. Thank you.
Ray Dale
February 2022
Being coached by Ashleigh has been one of the most important experiences of my life. I felt so comfortable, supported and challenged in all of the right amounts throughout our sessions. I feel that I have been equipped with invaluable tools and methods to show up to my life in the way I had always wanted to.
Luci Saunders
November 2021
Ashleigh has helped me get the perspective I needed to navigate through a family relationship issue. She is passionate about helping you get the results you want to achieve; you can truly feel this. She will cheer you up and stretch you out of your comfort zone in a joyful way ... until you arrive at the finish line.
Eleanore Vasseur
October 2021
Ashleigh was so helpful, welcoming and professional. I could not have asked for a better guide or coach to assist me. She was open, non-judgemental, and she made what could have been a challenging experience very simple and even fun. I was having some specific issues with my husband and she was able to identify and pinpoint the exact issue with laser focus and walk me through how to approach it and get complete resolution which is what I wanted and came to her for. She did the same in providing me clarity on my business and exactly how I could move forward to achieve the goals I wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants a laser focused coach and mentor and friend at their side to help them get clarity and solve any issues they're having in their lives.
Liz Rook
October 2021
Ash is amazing! She is so easy to talk to and open up to; she helps you see things from another perspective.
March 2022
I had been coached before, listened to lots of podcasts around ideas to do with self-development and done plenty of reading but nothing really clicked until I spoke to Ashleigh. She is so warm, perceptive, organised and insightful. She has helped me to align with, and see value in, parts of myself I had been struggling to accept. She has helped me to reframe patterns of behaviour and thoughts that I had begun to think I had to accept despite being unhappy with. She has helped me to continue being me and feel confident in what I believe is important. Being coached by Ashleigh has improved every area of my life and I could not recommend her more highly!
Luci Saunders
September 2021
I just want to say again a massive thank you! I can’t believe yesterday’s session was our last! The 8 weeks has flown by! I’m so grateful for YBL to have introduced you to me. From our mini-session in March, I was sold! You helped me with a few big decisions that I was struggling to make. I didn’t really know what a Life Coach was until then. Your course is amazing, and for me, came at the right time! Now I have the confidence in my decision making and I realise I actually can make the decisions when it matters! You've helped me open my eyes! I’m glad I decided to invest in myself, let’s see what intentional living brings (in my future camper van)! Thank you so much Ash! Take care. Karen
Karen Davies
June 2022
I knew as soon as I met Ashleigh in a mini session through YBL that I wanted to sign up for coaching with her - she really put me at ease and within minutes we were having a conversation about what I actually wanted to talk about but hadn’t been able to express before. I can honestly say that Ashleigh’s transformed how I see myself and given me the confidence to do things that I never thought I could achieve. When we met, I was at a cross-roads in my career, feeling anxious and lacking the courage to move in a new direction. Eight weeks later, I’m applying for jobs in a completely new area and am excited for the future. Ashleigh skilfully guided me through the training and aside from being an excellent coach, she’s super friendly and supportive. I put 100% in and feel like I got 200% back. Investing in myself and doing the work was definitively worth it – I can’t thank Ashleigh enough for being such an amazing coach and inspiration.
Katherine Penry
July 2022
I had no idea what to expect when I began working with Ashleigh. Working with her has been a revelation, a consistent enlightenment. The course she has created has been so helpful to me. As soon as I got in touch I think we hit it off, and communicating felt very natural. I had reached a bit of a dead end with my thinking and her input and perspective allowed me to reshape my outlook. She has the ability to focus her attention in a very meaningful and positive way and I think most people would benefit from working with her.
Frank Janiurek
July 2022

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