The Study Vault

The Study Vault has everything you need to create and maintain a life you’re inspired by. 

It is self-paced and self-led for you to design a programme that is perfect for you. Using the resources, you’ll immerse yourself into new and different coaching tools that will take your self-development to the next level.

This work changes lives time and time again.

Welcome New You, let’s go.

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Frequent Questions and Answers

What topics are covered in The Study Vault?

There are nine modules included in The Study Vault which are: 

  1. The Mind Why we do what we do
  2. Self-Coaching How to manage your mind in any situation 
  3. Feelings How to stop numbing yourself and take action
  4. Emotional Responsibility How manage other people impacting your emotional life
  5. The Manual Managing expectations of others
  6. Ask for what you want Awareness, Boundaries and People Pleasing
  7. Goal Cultivation How to discover what you want and set goals
  8. Goal Achievement How to achieve your goals in clear, actionable steps
  9. Your Future Moving forward with self-confidence

What’s the format?

With each module comes a short book, a 15-20 minute video and a workbook for you to take your knowledge and put it into practice

How do I access the resources?

The Study Vault is online via a webpage for you to access anywhere anytime

How long can I access the Study Vault?

With this one-off purchase of £149 you have access to the Study Vault forever. So when life inevitably throws in something unexpected, you have all the tools and resources available for you to handle any situation.

Do I need coaching too?

No. No one needs coaching. People want coaching. The Study Vault alone has everything you need to show up in your life the way you’ve always wanted to. 

If you decide you want extra support, simply reply to one of my emails and we can take it from there.

What can I expect from The Study Vault?

My clients say to me (time and time again) that they have literally seen improvements in their life within just one week of access. 

Just take a look at what Melissa Slaven (37 years old) says: 

“So far my experience has been amazing, I could even go so far to say life changing.

The work we have done has started making a difference to my life even after week one. 

The programme content feels as if it was written for me, it makes sense and has been easy to implement within my life.

Now, half way through the programme, I feel so much happier in my day to day life, my family and friends have noticed a difference and I am enjoying all aspects of life so much more”.

How much is it?

£149. An absolute steal for the value you’re getting.